Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Anniversary

Oh dear, I've fallen behind again haven't I? You sit down and start a blog thinking how at the very least you should be able to post once a week, but then the week flies by! I have a new found respect for those that post several times a week, let alone everyday. Well I have a lot of catching up to do, so some belated posts will be coming down the line...

...but because I like to make things confusing, I won't write them in chronological (huh, I don't think I have ever written that word, so weird when that happens) order. Yesterday, Scott and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! Well we didn't really celebrate yesterday, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary over the weekend! After the 4th, we packed our things and took a trip up to Camden, Maine. It was so wonderful to get away for a few days. We stayed in the Blue Harbor House Inn, which was lovely and comfortable. Overall, we didn't really do to much while we were there, but that was also the idea. We poked around in the village on Saturday, eating delicious food and doing a little bit of shopping here and there (I honestly could have spent all day in the latter). Then on Sunday, after a late breakfast we went down to Owls Head State Park for a walk. It was quite beautiful (dragonflies everywhere!), but it was also ridiculously hot and humid, so we didn't stay for too long. After that there isn't much to report, we took a long meandering ride back down to Massachusetts, stopping in Darmiscotta and Freeport (for just a little more shopping) on the way down.

So there you have it. It was an excellent trip to commemorate that a year ago I got to marry my guy, who is super sweet and silly. Sorry, had to slip something just a little smarmy in there.

And of course, a few photos from the trip...


I will leave you with the song we had our first dance to, while I go eat some more of that cake :)