Monday, June 24, 2013

Camping, Screaming Frogs, and Pictures

Over the weekend Scott and I went camping in Myles Standish State Forest. We arrived on Friday and were stunned by our waterside campsite. It was the most beautiful spot I've ever camped. Once I stopped taking pictures, I joined Scott in setting up. It was then that I realized the ground we were setting up on looked roughly like this. Basically we spent the weekend perpetually about to fall over. At least we got used to it fairly quickly. 

Once we settled in, Scott made a fire and heated up some pulled pork that we made earlier (slow cooked for 8 hours - yum!). I took the time to explore a little. I noticed that there really weren't very many mosquitos, which being right next to the water surprised me. However, for every mosquito I saw, there were 10 spiders. I've never considered myself arachnophobic, but the sheer number of spiders did freak me out a bit. At least we weren't in a constant battle with mosquitos, right? *shudder*

The time passed, and we went to bed. As we lay there, Scott reading A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle and me reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, we heard what we thought was a child screaming at the top of their lungs. It was pretty unsettling. Since the screaming sounds went on for so long, we figured it had to be one of the world's most obnoxious frogs. And it was! I have since found out that lovely blood curdling sound comes from the petite Fowler Toad

Thankfully, that was the last of our camping surprises. Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day. We sat around, read our books, ate delicious food, played Bananagrams, and went for a swim in the pond. All in all it was a fun trip. It looks like we will be doing a fair bit of camping this summer, I guess there will be more to follow. 

This was the view from our campsite, I still can't get over how beautiful it was.

 Scott in the middle of his dinner prep.

Snapped this when we were on our way to the store. 

Sunday morning, 7am

Sunday morning, 7am

This was actually taken on Thursday evening in my driveway, just seems to fit in with this set of pictures.

And last but not least, this is a quick little stop motion I made of Scott putting up our new tent for the first time. It's just 49 seconds of silliness.

As always, you can check out my instagram if you'd like to see more photos. xo -M

Monday, June 17, 2013

It's been a while....

I'm procrastinating. I sat down to write this post an hour ago. In that time, I have sent out emails, synced my phone, deleted some pictures, and posted this to facebook. It's been two weeks since my first post, I'm a little out of sorts! Why has it taken me so long? Well what can I say, I've been busy. I've been busy in the sense that I often had a hard time remembering what it was I was going to say at the end of a sentence. But! I got some cool pictures out of all of this craziness.

These first five are from our (our being Scott, my husband, my sisters, Emily and Michaela, my father, his new wife, and myself) trip down to New York. Before you get all excited, it wasn't a glamorous trip, we went to Queens to visit my Nonna.

That's all for today, if you're interested in seeing more of my photos, follow me on Instagram! xo -M

Monday, June 3, 2013


It's been steadily raining since the wee hours of the morning. It's nice. After being barraged with sunlight over the weekend, it's nice to have everything muted by the rain. I'm sitting here thinking back over the past few days and my head begins to swim, flashes of oppressive heat, glaring sun, loud music, confusion, irritation... Yes, I welcome the constant plunking of rain drops. They are giving me the focus needed to sit and finally begin this blog. 

The idea to start this incarnation of my blog has been rattling around in my mind for months. I have had three or four previous blogs, some were purely photography, others were a collection of half-hearted thoughts, all were abandoned. That is why I have written many blog posts in my mind, but never had the resolve to commit them to text. Honestly, I am not usually so somber. What can I say? This is what I feel today. xo -M