Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The week I drove nearly a 1000 miles

So I have a pretty good reason for missing last week. I was out. And by out I mean I was in New York. I unexpectedly ended up doing a fair bit of traveling. Scott, Addie and myself drove down to Queens to spend Easter with my Nonna. It was my little family, plus my sisters and dad all squeezed in Nonna's apartment. We drove down Saturday morning. Then we were pretty much just hanging out and watching movies, while Nonna fussed over Addie (no one can resist the urge to kiss her pudgy cheeks). Then Saturday night was when my uncle's family came over and great quantities of food were eaten. Sunday was more hanging out, this time with Easter candy, then just like that it was time to go! 
This is actually from Christmas, but I can't help but love this picture of Addie with Nonna.

Then less than 36 hours after getting home I got a text from my aunt asking if I wanted to come out for a visit while she was on spring break. I jumped at the opportunity to have a mini vacation-ish-type-thing. So Addie and I drove out to my aunt's house in the Hudson Valley for a few days (again New York, it's a good way). It was perfect timing, I needed to get off the beaten path for a few days. I was getting a little nutty from all the day to day crap. My aunt's house is a good spot to catch your breath, good people, good food, pretty surroundings, all the essentials.

I will leave you with a song that I simply couldn't stop listening to all week.


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  1. That's a really nice "vacation-ish-type-thing"! ;)
    And I absolutely love this song! Now it's stuck in my head... Thanks. haha :D
    xoxo, karie